Megan Harenburg


Megan Harenburg has a long history with classical music, instrumental composition, and jazz. She began her musical journey with piano lessons at the age of six, and at eleven, she joined her school orchestra and took private classical flute lessons to enhance her technical skill. In high school, she studied abroad as a foreign exchange student in Prague, Czech Republic, where she studied classical flute at Jana Neruda Hudebni Gymnasium. Her teacher was Zofie Volkalkova, who was a student of internationally famous James Galway (an Irish virtuoso flute player).

Years later she discovered an instrument that sparked a new passion for music: the ukulele. As a student of touring ukulele musician Dani Joy, a new world opened up for Megan, and transformed the way she plays music, and hears “I’ve always been fascinated jazz, I just never started playing it until I studied with Dani Joy. Now it’s one of my obsessions,” says Megan.

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