Mountain Music School hosts two recitals a year, in the Fall and the Spring. Our students of all ages are invited to participate!

Performers are well supported by our staff in this educational and empowering experience! While it is absolutely a real performance, it's also a form of practice. Performance is an important aspect for many musicians, and we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our students and their families!


UPCOMING: 2024 Spring Recital!

Sign ups run April 29 through May 13th - Spaces are limited

Upon signing up, a $20 participation fee will be added to your account.

Recital Details:

Date: Sunday, May 19th
Time: 2:30pm (approx 2 hours)
Location: Scotts Valley Cultural and Performing Arts Center (251-B Kings Village Rd in Scotts Valley)


Remember to communicate with your teacher before signing up! All performers must have their teacher's approval to participate.