Paul Fulton

KiddyKeys – The Preschool Piano Program

By Paul Fulton | April 17, 2017

With Kiddy Keys at B Sharp fun is at a premium, not to mention the fact that exposure to music at a young age can change the course of a life.

Learning a Second (or Third) Language

By Paul Fulton | April 10, 2017

For many years now I have described music to my students, and their parents alike, as being similar to language.

Einstein’s Violin

By Paul Fulton | April 3, 2017

Did you know that Albert Einstein was an amateur violinist?

Music as a Container

By Paul Fulton | March 27, 2017

Music is a nice container to put the tragedies in life that everyone goes through. You turn it into something beautiful, or you try to at least.

A Musical Underdog

By Paul Fulton | March 20, 2017

The ukulele is an underdog, it’s under-appreciated, but it’s also unprecedented in its size-to-might ratio.

On the Other Side of the Barricade

By Paul Fulton | March 13, 2017

The bands give 100% for their fans and the fans come out and give 100% for their bands. This is perhaps the truest definition of family.

Why Music? (Part II)

By Paul Fulton | March 7, 2017

I have seen first hand how music affects people. Yes, when we are up on that stage, we are watching you just as much as you are watching us. Here are a few things I have noticed…

Why Music? (Part I)

By Paul Fulton | March 5, 2017

If we can accept the near-supernatural aspect of music, then it is easy to see how music has time and again broken down every imaginable barrier to unite people from all walks of life.