Kevin Garcia

Picking the Right Instrument for a Young Student

By Kevin Garcia | August 4, 2017

Music education and learning an instrument has some incredible benefits to it, and there’s science to back that up. But it’s no easy task, is it? If you’ve ever worked with children or young students, you might know that it’s a task to get them to continue to work on their craft after the initial…

Turn “Practice” into “Playtime”

By Kevin Garcia | July 1, 2017

“So how much practice time did you get this week?” I’d smile nervously and make up some casual number so that my teacher could nod and sigh, knowing that I hadn’t practice nearly as much as I could have or should have. Later in my life, when I began teaching myself, I’d ask the same…

What Music Taught Me

By Kevin Garcia | May 2, 2017

When I was in middle school, I asked my mother for music lessons. We had an upright piano in the house which my brothers and I just called it a grandma piano because it looked old and out of fashion, but it was in tune, and I desperately wanted to be good at something. My brothers were all quite athletic and involved with sports, and I needed something that was for me. Thankfully, my mother obliged me, and I started in with Miss Crystal once a week.